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SUBLIMATION TRANSFERS - Any images of your choice!

All sublimation transfers are printed with an EPSON SURECOLOR F570 PRO on premium quality sublimation paper. 

 Image requirements:

  • High resolution of at least 300 ppi
  • .PNG .JPG .SVG .PDF .AI .PSD formats preferably with transparent background 

Your print order will not include image altering or photo editing services. All images will be printed exactly as they are submitted. It is your responsibility to be sure the files you send are a high enough resolution to obtain the clearest print possible. We reserve the right to refuse an order based on poor quality images that will not print clearly. If that is the case you will be advised and either asked to choose alternate images or offered a refund. 

Prints will not be trimmed and will need to be trimmed to size before printing.

All prints are shipped flat, not rolled. 

PLEASE be sure to research the sublimation process  and requirements for pressing transfers BEFORE making a purchase.
Google, YouTube and Facebook sublimation groups offer many resources for guidance. We do our best to help guide people if an issue arrises but unfortunately, we are not able to provide detailed instruction for the sublimation process.

We DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENT due to user error. It is your responsibility to make sure you are using the correct equipment and following the correct process for sublimation.

Sublimation transfers are NOT:

  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)
  • Screen printed
  • Home inkjet printed

Sublimation requires an even heat of approximately 400 degrees depending on the heating source you are using and the item you are pressing. The pressure and timing may also vary from medium pressure for 30 seconds up to 4 minutes depending on the item. We recommend using a reliable heat press as regular at-home irons are not predictable and not recommended for pressing.

We recommend using the highest polyester count possible.
Apparel MUST be light colored such as white, light gray, or light pastels and AT LEAST 65% or more polyester. The higher the polyester count, the brighter the colors will be. Sublimation does NOT print white ink so avoid using dark colored materials as it will NOT show.
If you have 100% polyester shirt once washed 100% of the ink will stay and if you have a 65% polyester shirt after washing only 65% of the ink will remain.
With 65% polyester you will end up with a vintage/faded look.

You are paying only for my time and creativity to create a design, prepare digital art files and/or printed transfer sheets, not for the images offered unless specified that that they are hand drawn or created by me. I do not sell or claim ownership over any characters, clipart, font or graphics referenced in the file unless specified that they are hand drawn or designed by me. Files and designs are originally created, if not original, they are recreated from legal resources. Some royalty free clipart used may be subject to personal use only. The images are provided to you for free. Copyrights and trademarks of any graphics or characters used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold.

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